At Bayley's, we believe that superior packing is the most vital ingredient in the moving mix, your homes contents will be travelling thousands of kilometers by road and sea and will be handled by cranes and forklifts alike, the inherent risks that are involved in this process mean that quality packing by fully trained staff using the very best materials available is an absolute necessity for a successful relocation.

Our expertise and dedication to packaging excellence is widely acknowledged by our overseas agents and satisfied customers, and Is the hallmark of our professional and caring approach.

Bayley Worldwide utilize only our own permanently employed and specially trained staff with expertise in what has become in today's market place, a rarely seen style of packing.

We make use of materials that differ in quantity and quality from those widely used by the general industry and we firmly believe that International packing is both an art form and vital when relocating overseas.

Specialised wooden crating is done in house, for added protection to fine art, antiques and items of a delicate nature, as well as for high value pieces and family heirlooms alike.

Bayley's provide packing and crating services for many well-known art galleries, both for local and international exhibits, and we bring this experience and level of professionalism into every home we visit.
Storage can be an integral part of the international relocations process, many of our clients have yet to buy or rent a home in their new country or haven't yet decided which suburb or city they will finally settle in . Diplomats and people taking up corporate positions are often provided with furnished accommodation for a period of time .

For these reasons and as storage in many international destinations can be a costly affair, often, the choice is made to store your household effects in South Africa to be shipped when needed.

Bayleys state of the art warehousing system accommodates over twelve hundred sealed pallet modules protected by 24 armed guards as well as being radio linked to two separate security firms.

A professional pest control firm treats the warehousing on a monthly basis, and each individual warehouse is fully access controlled.

While you are busy with the process of settling in, you can rest assured that your belongings are being kept in a safe, well-kept and dust free environment
Bayley Worldwide is a registered Financial services provider and offers various forms of Marine insurance which are available on request.

Insuring your International relocation correctly can potentially save you thousands of rands and lower premiums are often indicative of the care taken during the relocation process.

We therefore encourage our clients to pay close attention to the insurance options available to them when comparing quotations.